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The MOT+OWL Editor, integrated into MOTplus, has provided a first solution to a completely graphic editor for OWL-DL ontologies. It exports graphic ontologies to standard XML files for further use but has no import capabilites and runs only on Windows platforms.

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Michel Léonard

The new TELOS OWL-DL graphic editor is Web-based, available on any platform through a Web browser and has export/import capabilities to standard XML OWL-DL files. Unlike ontology editors like PROTÉGÉ that provide some graphic views but rely largely on form-based edition, these OWL-DL editors provide complete graphic edition to facilitate the inception phase and the communication of ontologies.

Three types of MOT entities are sufficient to represent OWL-DL models. Concepts represent classes, principles represent properties (or relations) between classes and facts represent individuals within classes. To improve the readability of the graphic  models, we have added new special links to express for example equivalence or disjoint relationship betwenn classes or icons on graphic symbols that serve, for example to assert that a class is the union of two other classes it subsumes.



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