PALOMA/PalomaWeb/LOMPAD- Learning Objects Managers


PALOMA is a learning objects manager  compliant with the IEEE-LOM standard and the application profiles NORMÉTIC, CANCORE et IMS-MD.

It integrates LOMPAD, a complete metadata editor  also available seperately as a free software in SourceForge. LOMPAD has been dowloaded over 7500 times by other parties. It has been included in other learning object managers than PALOMA .

PALOMA adds to LOMPAD functionalities for managing learning object repositories such as a sophisticated access right manager, federated search and harvesting through multiple repositories, including the GLOBE repositories, and the integrated management of folders to organize local banks.

PalomaWeb is the newest version, accessible without installation through all major Web browsers.

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Main Functionnalities

  • Management of multiple repositories with hierarchical sub-folders
  • Rights management on repositories, folders and LOMs by user, group or role
  • Links with user accounts on external system or LCMSs
  • Integrates LOMPAD
    • Complete set of IEEE-LOM multivariate attributes
    • Conformity with LOM profiles for the description of learning object metadata with profile validation 
      • IEEE-LOM, Cancore, Normetic, SCORM
  • Alias creation for integration in multiple folders 
  • Integration with the GLOBE learning object repositories network
  • Multilingual Interface




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