COGIGRAPH Technologies INC ( TCI ) is a company created in January, 1999 by Télé-université with the aim to commercialize the products of its LICEF research centre, actually the most important research centre in Canada in the field of E-learning models, methods and systems. It is now manage by researchers from LICEF"

Our Mission

  • To support the implementation of E-learning as a central activity for knowledge and competency management in companies and organizations, as well as within the programs of universities, colleges and schools;
  • Implementation Web-basedlearning centres delivering training events, partially or totally on the Internet;
  • Instructional engineering or support to the design of courses delivered by means of multimedia telecommunications;
  • License, support and adapt its G-MOT/MISA/COMÈTE/TELOS products facilitating progressive techno-educational transitionsing in organizations;
  • Provide expertise in Learning object and repositories interoperability using international standards.
  • User training for TCI products.


Most companies, public organizations or educational institutions, have a diverse set of training practices and multimedia or Internet tools. In thenew eera of E-learning practice, a support and a progressive transition is necessary to satisfy the challenge of knowledge management while mobilizing the new possibilities of the learning technologies.

If the organization decides to sub-contract the development of its courses, the most critical processes it must control are the instructional engineering process by which it can make sure the courses correspond really to its needs. Another upmost important process is the delivery and management of training which is intimately linked to the general management of the organization and to its capacity to manage its strategic knowledge and competencies.

TCI’s products and services support these techno-educational transitions in an organization. Instructional engineering is a key factor for a productive selection between different models of training: technology enriched classooms, blended training, multimedia self-training, performance support systems and evolved forms of telelearning on the Internet. Virtual Training Centres built as Web Portal  allows easy integrating all these practices under a convenient delivery form over the Intranet, supporting various actors who intervene in the training process: learners, traniners, content experts, managers or designers.


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